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We're The Dust Busters!


Instead of cleaning the dust once everything has settled, our team will routinely dust surfaces and items to help reduce the presence of dust from the environment for your family to enjoy. We pay close attention to areas of the house that commonly collect dust. Dusting can help reduce indoor allergies and generally improve your home’s indoor air quality.

  • Furniture, Shelves, and Décor – Dust can be found on virtually any item in the home. Part of our routine service includes the wiping down and dusting of furniture, shelves, and décor with the utmost care and respect for your personal items and belongings.
  • Window Ledges and Blinds – Our team will dust all window ledges, curtains, blinds, and other window treatments you may have. This can actually extend the life of your home’s windows and their dressings.
  • Lamps, Light Fixtures, and Ceiling Fans – Tall lamps and ceiling fans can be some of the more difficult items to dust in the home. Our team is equipped with everything needed to safely clean those dust hot zones that are out of reach and often ignored.
  • Baseboards – Baseboards are essential components of classic home design and are also hot spots for dust collection. While they can easily be ignored, our team details them to help leave them free of dust – and other dirt and grime!

And More – From cabinet ledges to air vents, our team can dust virtually any item or space in the home. With every service, you can rest assured that your customized cleaning plan will leave you with a space reduced of dust

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