Cleaning Visits

Frequency of Cleaning Visits

The price of cleaning will depend on how often you want or need your home cleaned. While having your space cleaned more often can seem like it may be more expensive, routine service can be cheaper in the long run due to the reduced amount of cleaning needed during each visit.

The Condition of a Space

How dirty is your space? One factor that can affect the price of your residential cleaning services is the current condition of your home. The less our team has to clean, the cheaper your services will be in the long run. If every room needs to be completely deep cleaned, you can expect the price to be higher than if just basic services were needed.

Unique Features Requiring Special Attention

Have vaulted ceilings that need a dusting? Are your kitchen counters made up of a specialty tile? Whatever it may be, unique features to your home may require an extra charge in addition to the normal cleaning service prices. We’re more than happy to provide pricing quotes on anything you need to be completed!

The Materials Required

Do you need a deep-clean or just a quick spruce-up of the living room? The type of cleaning you need can determine the price of your services. While our teams are equipped with the basic cleaning mops, vacuums, and so on, any special equipment needed may cost a bit more.

Do You Have Pets?

In some cases, your pet may alter the price of your home’s cleaning services. If your pet leaves behind quite a bit of hair, more vacuuming will be required which can extend the time of services, increasing the price of your services.

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