Detail-Clean Rotation

Detail-Clean Rotation System

Our Detail-Clean rotation system guarantees ideal cleaning at all times. By dividing your home into four zones: bathroom, bedroom, living room and kitchen, we can guarantee a cleanliness like no other.

Zoila’s Cleaning Services begins your cleaning service by getting your home “Detail-Clean” on the first two cleans:

  • First Clean – Your first clean is a Detail-Clean of your kitchen and bathrooms with a thorough cleaning of your living and sleeping areas.
  • Second Clean – Your second clean is a Detail-Clean of your living and sleeping areas, as well as a thorough cleaning of your kitchen and bathrooms.

Once these are completed, your home will be placed on a routine cleaning schedule. This will allow our team to perform the basic cleaning functions and also complete a Detail-Clean of one of your home’s zones on a rotating basis. This system has been proven to deliver a clean like none other.

Green Cleaning

We are committed to providing green and sustainable residential cleaning services. Our products have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which means they are safe for everyone in your home, pets, and the environment. Our products use safer ingredients without reducing the quality of cleaning they offer.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our cleaning experts are committed to providing consistent and comprehensive home cleaning services that adhere to a strict set of national standards. Our services ensure that your home maintains a detailed level of cleanliness at all times. If your service ever falls short of that, you can expect our time to do whatever it takes to get it right. Your customer’s satisfaction is always guaranteed by our team.!

Bonded & Insured

One of our highest priorities is to make sure you are completely sure you have Zoila’s cleaning services on your side. Our residential cleaning company and our staff are fully linked, insured and controlled. We hope to take the stress and worry out of hiring a cleaning company for your home.


Is a House Cleaning Service Worth It?

Truth be told, you’re the only one that can decide if house cleaning services are worth it for your specific situation. While it may seem like having someone else regularly clean your home will only ever be something made of dreams, house cleaning costs much less than you may think. And with the time our team saves you from having to scrub and vacuum, you’ll be able to dedicate more time to your family, career, side hustle – anything else that isn’t cleaning.

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