Surface Cleaning

We Clean All Surfaces

Our homes are full of dozens and dozens of surfaces, each made up of a specific material. Instead of applying the same cleaning services to every surface in your home, or just guessing, our cleaning experts will use the technique best suited for each surface and material.

Some of the surfaces our team can clean include:


Granite is a staple of most kitchens due to both its beautiful appearance and durability. Our team delivers specialty cleaning services for your home’s granite surfaces that have been shown to protect the glossy sealant used. This keeps it shining so you can enjoy it clean after clean!


While some think streak-free cleaning is a myth, think again. Our team utilizes proven glass cleaners and techniques to ensure a spotless clean every time. And regardless of where the glass is located in your home, our team will ensure that it’s crystal clear before we take off.


Real wood surfaces require care that other surfaces do not need. Not only should they be dusted routinely to remove annoying dust bunnies, but also the correct polish should be used to keep the wood looking healthy and shiny. Whether it’s a table, door, cabinet, or something else, we’ll ensure it gets the care it needs to prevent scratches and an unkempt appearance.


When it comes to caring and cleaning marble services in the home, it’s important to ensure it gets the proper care – including both dry and wet mopping. This keeps up its beautiful appearance while reducing the chances of stains and scratches.

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